Rock Your Email Newsletters Workbook

A guide and workbook to help you formulate a solid and sustainable plan for creating effective email newsletters that your subscribers will adore.

Your subscriber list is one of your most valuable business assets, but if you don't actually engage with your subscribers, it's not going to do your business any good.

You might be giving them great freebies when they sign up, but if you don’t stay in contact with your peeps, you won’t be able to nurture a relationship with them and convert them into paying customers.

Sending regular emails, i.e. newsletters, is one of the best ways to help you build trust and stay connected with your target customers. Plus it’s pretty simple to get started.

The difficult part?

Knowing what to put in those newsletters!

That's where the Rock Your Email Newsletters Workbook  comes in!

“I hadn’t even considered using a newsletter as a marketing method until I came across the Rock Your Email Newsletter products! We’re still in the planning stages but using Kirsten Rosetti’s workbook and editorial calendar has been the easiest part of launching our podcast and the associated newsletter. Kirsten does an amazing job of walking you through each stage of newsletter development, asking critical questions to help hone your product. I love that there are both digitally fillable and printable options. I print out the monthly calendars old-school style to hash through everything then can send the final copy digitally to my team. These products are priceless!”
Beth Ehrichs
Therapist & podcaster

What's in the Workbook?

This printable workbook includes over 30 pages of guidance, tips and exercises to help you plan your newsletter content and mailing schedule so that you can send your peeps highly valuable emails on a consistent basis.

Newsletter Workbook mockup

After going through the workbook you'll:

Know who your ideal subscribers are and how you can help them through your newsletters.

Understand how to structure your email newsletters and what elements can be included.

Have a system for gathering ideas and working your business promotions into your emails.

Have a clear plan of what you want to include in your newsletters for the next several months. No more trying to think of things at the last minute or disappearing on your subscribers because you don't know what to send them!

Be able to create interesting and highly valuable email newsletters that excite and delight your subscribers .

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