How to get started with Pinterest to grow your business

If you’ve been wondering if Pinterest is right for your business, the short answer is a big YES. Pinterest can help you grow your business and make money—if you use it correctly.

I recently interviewed Pinterest Strategist Tiffany Aguirre to get the scoop on how bloggers and small business owners can use Pinterest to boost their reach, get more website traffic, and make more sales.

This session is jam-packed with Pinterest tips and advice!

Topics we covered:

Why business owners and bloggers should add Pinterest to their marketing strategy

  • Pinners use Pinterest to search based on topics and ideas – they aren’t typically looking for pins from specific people. This makes it a great way to drive traffic to your website and get discovered by new audiences.

What makes Pinterest different from other social media marketing platforms

  • The half-life of a pin (i.e. the amount of time during which you’ll get 50% of all views and clicks) is much longer than the half-life of posts on other platforms. of a Twitter is 24 minutes. The half-life of a pin on Pinterest is 3.5 months!
  • You can even get traction a year or two after you pinned it.
  • Pinterest is a search engine not a social networking platform. On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the goal is more about getting likes and comments and building a community. It’s not so much about getting clicks to your website unless you do paid posts. On Pinterest the goal of all your pins is to get click throughs.

Common mistakes business owners and bloggers make on Pinterest + top tips for success

  • Don’t treat it the same as Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. Don’t just pin posts from these other platforms. Think about how the typical Pinterest user is using Pinterest.
  • Make sure to use keywords. That’s how people will find your pins.
  • Pin daily and schedule your pins to make this easier. Pinterest also native scheduling, but check out Tailwind for loads more options.
  • Think about your target market. You need to make sure that whatever it is you’re offering through your pin will help your ideal customers and readers.
  • Pin a variety of types of pins: static pins, video pins, story pins. (Note, Pinterest has now introduced Idea Pins.)
  • Make sure to pin strategically. Only pin things that will help your ideal customers. Use secret boards if you want to pin personal pins or open a separate account.
  • Plan your funnel and make sure all your content is connected to your goals and leading people through your sales funnel.
  • Optimize your account and your content, including the landing pages on your website.
  • Be consistent. How much you pin will largely depend on how much content you have. Let’s say you have 100 pieces of content in total (including landing pages, freebies, blog posts, etc). Choose around to focus on in a particular month. Hint: Look at your Google Analytics to identify your top pages/pieces of content in the last month and focus on those. Choose 3 – 5 pieces of newer content and create about 5 pins for each page/piece of content. Do the same for some of your older content. Use template to speed up the pin creation process.

How much time do we actually need to spend on Pinterest

  • An hour a week! This is totally doable provided you have a strategic plan and use templates and scheduling tools.

Be sure to watch the video for all the juicy tips and advice.

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