5 characteristics of an optin freebie that’ll get the right people on your list

5 characteristics of an awesome optin freebie

So you’re ready to start growing your email list and you know you want to offer an optin freebie to entice people to sign up—that’s fantastic!

Having an opt-in freebie (whether it’s a downloadable worksheet, a chance to join a live webinar, an e-mail course, or something else entirely) is probably the best way to grow your subscriber list and give your peeps a taste of the awesome products and services you’ve got to offer.

But not all opt-in freebies are created equal.

I’m sure that at some point you’ve had the unfortunate experience of signing up for a freebie only to unsubscribe immediately afterwards because the freebie you got was such an epic disappointment.

So how can you make sure your freebie doesn’t fall flat but instead wows your subscribers and gets them referring you to all their friends?

Here are 5 criteria you must consider when deciding on the right freebie to offer:

  1. It fulfills a want.

    Your freebie has to provide something that your subscribers want. It has to solve a problem that they not only have nut are also looking to solve. Don’t base your freebie simply on need.  A freebie that fulfills a need that you can see is only going to be effective if your subscribers recognize that need and want it fulfilled.

  2. It provides a quick win.

    Your freebie should be actionable and easy to implement. Subscribers should be able to take some sort of action after reading or completing your freebie, and that action should be an action that moves them forward and gives them a quick win.This will create a great impression for your subscribers and it will help gain you their trust and support.

  3. It must be easy to consume.

    The content in your freebie should be at the appropriate level for your subscribers and it shouldn’t take them weeks and weeks to get through. Your subscribers should be able to read / follow / use your freebie quickly, without too much hassle and without having to spend a ton of time Googling terminology or searching for tutorials.

  4. It must be high quality.

    You want your freebie to boost your credibility, demonstrate your expertise and make subscribers think, “Wow, if this is her free stuff, imagine how awesome her paid stuff is!” Don’t create something crappy. And don’t hold back out of fear that others might copy you or that people will just opt-in to get your freebie and then run off and never become paying customers. Put your best into your freebie – high quality freebies will help you attract high quality subscribers.

  5. It must attract the right people.

    And speaking of people – an email list of 10,000 people is worthless if those people aren’t in your target market. Your freebie has to attract the same people that will love your products and services.- even if those people aren’t ready to buy from you yet. That means your freebie has to offer a solution to a problem that your ideal customers want to have solved. It has to provide something they want which (and this is a biggie) falls in the realm of your niche. Your freebie is supposed to act like a taster or sample of your products/services, so don’t create a freebie that has nothing to do with your business.

There ya have it. Make sure your freebie meets these criteria and you’ll minimize your chances of creating an opt-in freebie that either nobody wants or all the wrong kinds of people want.

Have you got a freebie on your site? tell us about it in the comments. How did you decide what to offer?

14 thoughts on “5 characteristics of an optin freebie that’ll get the right people on your list”

  1. Great list – #4 especially! There is nothing more disappointing than handing over your email and getting a single page with a few sentences and then blanks to fill in.

  2. It’s so interesting to me because I don’t want my freebie to be overwhelming but I don’t want it to be so boiled down that it is disappointing to the person receiving it. And I’ve got some good ones going but can’t seem to write promos that really get people’s attention.

  3. This is helpful! Especially the #3 saying nobody wants to google stuff to complete reading your freebie. Writing in the Internet should be done using easy language!
    I’ve actually been thinking about the same things as Michaela, her comment is above: You don’t want yours to be overwhelming but it shouldn’t be too simple either (don’t want to disappoint).

    • Hi Marika,
      I’m so glad you found the post helpful. Michaela and you are spot on when it comes to finding a balance and not overwhelming or underwhelming people.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      Have an awesome day. 🙂

  4. Great post…I have been consciously attempting to grow my list with the right people. The opt-in is the perfect carrot. I struggled with what my readers wanted for a long time. Your list of characteristics was spot on. I’m finally starting to gain some traction!

    • Hi Kevin,
      I’m so glad you found the post helpful.
      Opt-ins are amazing for growing an engaged and targeted subscriber list, but it can take time and some trial and error to find the right one.
      I’m really happy to hear you’re starting to gain traction. Keep going and I’m confident you’re going to start seeing great results!
      All the best 🙂

    • Hi Susan,
      Oh my goodness – you are so welcome! I’m really glad you found the post helpful.
      Have an awesome day. 🙂


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