5 free ways to validate your business idea or your next product or service, so that you can make sure there's actual demand for what you plan to sell.

5 free ways to validate your business idea

I hate to say it, but most new businesses fail within the first 5 years. And when you’re just starting out, there are no guarantees that you’ll even make back the money you invested to get the business up and running. But you know what will absolutely guarantee that your business bombs? Not validating your business idea. You may come up with your best ideas in the shower and your

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Why your offline business needs a website. 10 big-time benefits a strategically designed website will bring to your offline business.

Why your offline business needs a website

I feel like I need to start this post with a declaration: I LOVE offline businesses. I really do. Even in today’s hyper connected world where we seem to be able to get pretty much anything through the click of a button, there’s a place for traditional, brick and mortar style businesses. There are some things that simply need to be presented in a storefront or at a local market

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Six reasons you need to start building (and nurturing) an email list for your business

Most new business owners are focused on one thing: bringing in the moolah. They want to be doing things like creating products, advertising their store, submitting service proposals, and networking with potential customers. My response is always the same. Building an email list WILL bring in money! Sure, building an email list and sending newsletters can seem, well, kinda like a lot of effort for something that doesn’t generate any

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How to identify your ideal client (without having to know their favorite songs and snack foods!)

Are you struggling to identify your ideal client? In this video I share some easy to implement tips on how to create an ideal client profile without having to answer a bunch of random questions like whether your ideal client prefers sweet or salty snacks and what her favorite song is (because, seriously, how many peeps have just one??). Tip #1: Understand what the term “ideal client” actually means. An

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7 productivity hacks to help you stay on track whether you’re feeling like Superwoman or Slothwoman!

Do you often get to the end of your day and realize you’re exhausted but you haven’t really got anything done? Sure you did stuff throughout the day, but you didn’t actually accomplish much. You weren’t productive. It’s a pretty crappy realization that can lead you into a spiral of stress and nasty self-judgments. I’ve been caught up in that spiral on more than one occasion and it SUCKS! I

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