How to win at email newsletter writing in 2021 and beyond

Once you start building an email list, the last thing you want to do is disappear on your new subscribers. Nope. If you disappear on them only to show up in their inboxes when you want to sell them something, then there’s really no point in getting them to subscribe in the first place because they will continue to be cold leads. That’s where email newsletters come in. But, wait, I

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Ultimate guide to getting started with MailerLite

In this ultimate guide, I’m going to show you how to set up MailerLite and get started with email marketing. We’ll cover everything from signing up for MailerLite to creating a signup form that you can embed in your website. Not sure if you should be spending time on email marketing? Trust me, you should. Whether you’re a blogger who’s just getting started or a multinational organization, email marketing is

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Double your blog income by doing these three things

Are you looking for ways to boost and perhaps even double your blog income? Don’t be shy or feel uncomfortable to admit it. It’s absolutely okay to set a goal to increase or even double your earnings. In fact, if you’ve started a blog or online business in order to make money, then increasing how much you make should definitely be one of your goals! So, are you ready? Awesome!

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Website review for Esther L Jones

Website Review –

In this video I do a quick website review for artist Esther L. Jones. You can find her site at Esther is an artist who creates stunning paintings and pastel drawings. She’s also a massive action-taker and made some changes to her site immediately after she watched my review! This is by no means and in-depth review. My aim was to give Esther some suggestions to improve her site

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3 ways to leverage someone else’s audience to grow your traffic

One of the biggest challenges for new bloggers and online business is getting traffic to their websites. And it’s a challenge that you’ll want to overcome quickly because without traffic you can’t really achieve much. You need traffic to build an email list, establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche and make sales. You need website visitors who will engage with your content and become loyal fans who

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