7 simple but effective tips to attract the right people to your email list

7 tips to get the right people on your email list

So you’ve decided to get started with email marketing, but now you’re wondering how to attract the right people to your email list.

The right people, as in people who are interested in what you have to offer—people who are highly likely to become paying customers and loyal fans of your business.

There’s a ton of resources, tutorials and courses out there bombarding us with the message that the “money is in the list” and “you’ve got to grow your email list if you want to grow your profits”. And yes, growing your list is important, but if you focus purely on growing your subscriber count, chances are you’ll be casting too wide a net and you’ll end up with a bunch of uninterested and unresponsive people on your list—people who will never buy from you and would never even think of referring potential customers to you.

Don’t fall into that trap. Make sure you focus your efforts on building a highly targeted email list filled with the right people—your people.

Here are 7 tips to help you attract the right people to your email list

  1. Plan ahead
    Before you even start thinking about how to grow your list, you’ve got to know who you want on your list. Who are the right people? Identity your target audience/ideal customers and make sure you are clear on what they are struggling with, what they want help with, and how you can help them.
  2. Set subscriber expectations
    Tell potential subscribers exactly what you’ll be sending them, when and how often. The clearer you can be, the more you’ll be able to weed out people who don’t want what you’re offering so that you build a list full of people who want to hear from you and get info, ideas and updates from you. Always remember: you only want subscribers who actually want to be on your list.
  3. Provide something valuable 
    When you’re creating an opt-in incentive/freebie to entice people to subscribe to your list, tailor the freebie to a narrow and highly specific audience. You want to offer something that truly provides value to a specific group of people and even solves one of their main problems or challenges. Make your offer so specific that only people who belong on your list will want to sign up for it.
  4. Make it super easy for people to sign up and get your freebie
    Avoid asking for too much information in your signup forms. You seriously don’t need to ask people to fill out 10 different fields just to get a one-page PDF. Just ask for their first name and email address. You could even make it even simpler by only collecting an email address (but having first names does mean you can personalize your emails, which is always a nice touch imho). And make sure people don’t have to wait ages to receive the freebie you promised! Set up an automated sequence in your email marketing provider so that the freebie is sent to subscribers immediately after they sign up. If there’s a valid reason for a delay, like if your e-course is starting on a specific day in the future, then at least make sure to send a simple email to subscribers to thank them for signing up and to explain what’s happening and what to expect.
  5. Always respect your subscribers’ privacy and make sure they know it
    Make sure people know right from the get-go that you will not give or sell their information to third parties. One way to do this is to mention it directly in your opt-in form. You could also include a link to your privacy policy in your sign up form, just make sure the link opens in a new window so peeps aren’t taken away from the signup form. Speaking of privacy policies, make sure you have one on your site.
  6. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your stats/analytics
    The awesome thing about email is that it can pretty much be totally automated. But don’t forget to go into your account at least once a week to check out your email stats. These stats will give you some really valuabe insight into what’s happening with your lists—who’s subscribed/unsubscribed, which freebies are attracting the most signups, which of your emails had the most/least engagement and so much more. This info is going to help you to hone your email marketing tactics, serve your subscribers better, and ultimately build stronger relationships with them.
  7. Turn your current subscribers into ardent fans and referrers
    Once people have subscribed to your email list, you need to build a relationship with them. Encourage them to reply to your emails with their questions, comments and suggestions, and always reply to their emails. Get to know them and show them that you care. And as you foster amazing relationships with your subscribers, they’ll go from being casual subscribers into true fans – fans who can’t wait to tell everyone how great it is to be on your list.

Finally, once you get the right people on your email list, you need to keep them there.


By only sending them emails that are filled with valuable content.

Yes, once in a while you’re going to promote your products and services to them, but you’re also going to inform, educate and engage with them so that you can build strong and lasting relationships, and turn them from casual subscribers into loyal customers.

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2 thoughts on “7 simple but effective tips to attract the right people to your email list”

  1. I know I need to start growing my list, but I don’t quite have the strategy laid out. If I’m going to email my readers, I’d like to be consistent. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • My pleasure, Heidi. Consistency can be hard at times but it really does pay off! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. 🙂


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