3 easy ways to simplify your website to maximize your results

Ever land on a website that is just super confusing because of the way things are laid out or because it’s cluttered with a bajillion different options and links? I know I have, and when it happens I just click away – because who has time or patience for that? In this video I share 3 easy ways to simplify your website to help you make sure you are (1) providing the best experience possible to your website visitors and (2) maximizing your results.

In brief, here are the tips:

  1. Review how many categories you have. Simplify and keep your categories focused on your niche.
  2. Simplify your navigation menu. You don’t need the kitchen sink in there!
  3. Declutter your sidebar. Be strategic about what you put in there.

Always think about the journey you want your website visitors to go on. Be strategic about what options you present on your website and organize your content in a logical way so that your website visitors don’t get confused, find the content they want and see the offers, links and information you want them to see and take action on.

If you have any questions, pop ’em in the comments. I’d love to help. 🙂

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