10 more self-care ideas to help you be your best self in business and life

I’m a huge believer that self‐care should be a non-negotiable part of life. No matter who we are or what we’re trying to do, self-care is crucial. We all have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs that need to be met on a regular basis, and if we neglect these needs, we’re setting ourselves up for a very unpleasant, stressful and joyless experience in the long run.

In my previous post I shared 20 easy self-care ideas for busy biz owners. Many of you gave me some wonderful feedback and asked for some more ideas, so without further ado, here are 10 more things you can try adding to your self-care practice.

  1. Burn a scented candle
  2. Read some inspirational quotes
  3. Give yourself permission to binge-watch Netflix for a few hours
  4. Take yourself out on a lunch/dinner date
  5. Watch a TED Talk
  6. Read a “just for fun” novel
  7. Eat something healthy and nourishing
  8. Eat something unhealthy without feeling guilty about it
  9. Put some music on and dance around the house
  10. Give yourself a digital detox – spend at least a few hours away from your digital devices (Yup, that means no smartphone, laptop, iPad, TV, etc. Just relax, slow down, and enjoy!)

Which of these activities are you going to try this week? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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