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Strategic Website Design by Kirsten Rosetti

You need a website that gets you results

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Attract and serve your ideal customers

Showcase your expertise

Convert casual visitors into loyal fans

Drive sales and get maximum results

Power up your business with a strategic website.

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Website review for Esther L Jones

Website Review – EstherLJones.com

In this video I do a quick website review for artist Esther L. Jones. You can find her site at https://estherljones.com. Esther is an artist who creates stunning paintings and pastel drawings. She’s also a massive action-taker and made some changes to her site immediately after she watched my review! This is by no means and in-depth review. My aim was to give Esther some suggestions to improve her site

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3 ways to leverage someone else’s audience to grow your traffic

One of the biggest challenges for new bloggers and online business is getting traffic to their websites. And it’s a challenge that you’ll want to overcome quickly because without traffic you can’t really achieve much. You need traffic to build an email list, establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche and make sales. You need website visitors who will engage with your content and become loyal fans who

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5 things you absolutely must have on your business website

Have you ever visited a website that looked super slick and pretty only to click away because you couldn’t see any point in staying there other than to briefly admire a fancy graphic or yell at the site for being completely confusing and useless? I know have! But on the flip side, I’ve come across some websites that were so enticing that I bookmarked them after barely being there for a

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