Rock Your Blog & Biz Powwows

{Free coaching + support for online business owners}

‘Cause you shouldn’t have to figure it all out by yourself—or spend a fortune getting help!

Psst…Did I mention it’s free? 😉

Rock Your Blog & Biz Powwows

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused by all this online business stuff?

Have you had enough of spending hours Googling only to come out on the other side feeling just as confused as when you started?

Join the Rock Your Blog & Biz Powwows and get free coaching and support to help you get unstuck.

Let’s get your business and blog not just off the ground, but soaring and thriving!

How does the Powwow work, you ask? 

  • You, me, and a group of awesome bloggers and business owners hop onto a monthly group video call and talk, brainstorm and strategize.
  • Each Powwow will have a theme. I’ll start the Powwow with a short lesson to introduce the theme and explain the main things you need to know about it.
  • You can then ask questions and get help on anything you’re struggling with that’s related to that topic/theme. (You can also submit questions ahead of time.)
  • We’ll work together to find solutions and brainstorm realistic and effective ideas and action plans that you’ll actually feel comfortable implementing.
  • You’ll get to meet a bunch of other bloggers and business owners who understand you and want to see you succeed. This could be the start of some amazing business collaborations and even some lifelong friendships!
  • And let’s not forget that we will have some serious fun. Yes, business and blogging are hard work, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also be fun!

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to find your people, smash through your roadblocks, and get your business to take flight and thrive?

Sign up for the monthly Rock Your Blog & Biz Powwows and let’s get to work!

{The next Powwow is on 14 April, 5pm London.}

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Sign up for the Rock Your Blog and Biz Powwow - free coaching and support for new business owners.
Sign up for the Rock Your Blog and Biz Powwow - free coaching and support for new business owners.