Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Take the Quiz…

Is Entrepreneurship Right For You? Take the quiz and find out. Grab the free printable version over on the blog.
Is entrepreneurship the right path for you? Maybe. But maybe not.

When I tell people I run my own coaching business, they often respond with some variation of “That’s so cool! I wish I could do that.

For them, being an entrepreneur means freedom, fun, and opportunities. It means not being stuck in a cubicle all day, dealing with a boss from hell. It means being free to make your own schedule, set your own rules, and follow your dreams.

I get it. I understand why entrepreneurship can seem like the ideal choice, especially with today’s economy and uncertain job market.

And let’s be real here: being your own boss is portrayed as being kind of glamorous. Have you seen all those some cute #girlboss mugs and sassy t-shirts out there telling us to unleash our inner boss, slay our to-do list, build an empire, and look gorgeous while we’re at it? They’re fabulous and fun, but, and I hate to be the one to say it, they’re just not giving a very accurate picture of boss life.

Yes, being your own boss is pretty awesome. It’s damn hard work, but it’s also extremely gratifying to know that you’re doing something big, something meaningful.

But the truth is, entrepreneurship is absolutely not the only option out there for people wanting to improve their situation, and it’s definitely not always the right choice.

Building a thriving business is not easy. And that is an understatement!

So when people tell me they feel a strong pull inside themselves to start their own thing and be their own boss, I never jump in and say “Yeah! You should go for it!

I also don’t tell them not to go for it.

Instead I like to talk with them and get them thinking about whether they would actually enjoy being an entrepreneur—and whether there are particular skills, habits and traits that they would just not be willing to learn or develop.

Because here’s the thing: being an entrepreneur requires a high level of self-awareness. You’ve got to be able to identify your strengths and talents, and understand where your weakness lie and what you need to work on improving.

So, are you curious about whether you’re suited to being your own boss?

{Or keep reading for the Quiz questions…}

1. Are you a self-starter?
2. Do you enjoy learning new things and asking for help when you don’t know something?
3. Are you comfortable making big decisions on your own?
4. Are you comfortable tackling problems and challenges head on?
5. Are you willing to take risks and step out of your comfort zone?
6. Are you willing to make personal and financial sacrifices to ensure your business succeeds?
7. Are you generally able to keep going in the face of fear, self-doubt, loneliness?
8. Are you willing to face rejections and criticism?
9. Do you have a good track record of turning your plans into action?
10. Do you enjoy solving problems and coming up with new ideas?
11. Are you a competent negotiator and can you be persuasive?
12. Are you comfortable networking?
13. Are you organized and good at keeping records?
14. Are you comfortable knowing that it could be a long time before your business starts making money?
15. Do you know all the roles you would need to take on (possibly by yourself) to keep your business running and do you feel happy taking on these roles?

So what does it all mean?

» If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, then you might just love being an entrepreneur!

» If you answered “No” to more than a few questions but you still feel strongly about starting a business, don’t worry! You don’t need to give up on your dream just yet. The most important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is being willing to learn and acquire new skills and habits.

Interested in starting your own business? Why not hop on a free 30-minute call with me to discuss your entrepreneurial goals and concerns? Just click here to send me a message, and I’ll get you on my calendar asap. 🙂

Is Entrepreneurship Right For You? Take the quiz and find out. Grab the free printable version over on the blog.
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Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Take the Quiz… { 2 thoughts }

  1. Waw you got me thinking there. Being your own boss is hard. The hours that you put in is more than any job that I have ever had. But it’s like you said, it’s also fun. I can stay up late and work because I want to not because someone tells me too.
    Then you need people at your side like I have you, Kirsten. Someone like you reminding me to think outside of the box.
    I’m very thankful that we met because going it alone can sometimes be lonely.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. You are so right! Being self-employed requires A LOT of hours and commitment. And if you’re running a one-woman kind of business like we are, it does it get extremely lonely at times, especially when people around us just don’t seem to “get it.” I would never have gotten this far without your support and encouragement, Susan, which is why one of the most important steps I recommend all new business owners take is finding supportive friends and awesome mastermind buddies.
      Chat to you soon! 🙂

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