Hi! I’m Kirsten. I’m a website designer + business coach.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses establish and grow a strong online presence so that they can achieve mighty big things.

And the foundation of a powerful online presence is a strategically designed website.

I build all of my websites on self-hosted WordPress to ensure my clients receive an beautiful online home that can grow with them.

All my websites are strategically designed to meet the individual goals of my clients. No two businesses are the same, which is why no two businesses can follow the exact same strategy and achieve the same success.

Now, let’s be clear about something. There is no way to absolutely guarantee the success of any business. And anyone who tells you they can is either foolish or a liar.

What you can do, however, is make sure you do everything you can to increase your chances of success. And that means having:

A strong online presence
Smart business strategies

I created this site to help small business owners power up their businesses, implement strategic plans of action, rock their online presence and take care of their best business asset—themselves!

You deserve to thrive.

And so does your business.

Let’s make that happen, shall we?